Website development begins with a creative design, which should be simple, pleasing to the eye, and provide useful function and information to visitors. Proper website design should consider search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in the early stages; a beautiful website is worthless without the capability of discovery.
Maintaining your site’s content can be most challenging if not considered in the early stages. Ensuring new content to attract visitors is important, and maintaining content should be a simple task for non-website developers. We work with many content management systems (CMS), to facilitate simple methods for updating site content.
Imagine is a Microsoft Business Partner, and our database of choice is Microsoft SQL Server 2008. We’ve developed countless web applications including: shopping catalogues, shopping carts, order managment and project management to name a few.
Imagine has developed countless e-commerce systems. We utilize our own internal shopping cart systems, and include them with most new sites for a minimal charge. We’ve also developed EDI and business to business (B2B) applications. Our e-commerce solutions are simple, and allow you to work directly with your credit card clearing house to reduce processing fees. We have remote catalog maintenance applications that allow you to work with Windows’ rich user interface to add/edit/delete catalog items and configure your shopping cart experience.
    We’re enthusiastic when it comes to complicated problems, such as:
  • multiple warehouse inventory delivery (least cost)
  • delivery charges based on geographic routing and mileage
  • pricing based on varying quantity matrix
  • sales tax rate based on delivery destination
Social is the latest and most innovative way to spread the word about your website. We add little buttons for popular social sites, such as, Facebook’s ‘Like This’, Twitter’s ‘Tweet This’, Digg’s ‘Dig This’ where we think you can gain exposure. Within moments, your information is spread exponentially to hundreds, if not thousands of users. The time is now to employ social techniques to gain exposure and grow your business!
We always include Google’s free ‘Analytics’ service, and work with you proactively to improve your site’s traffic and growth. More views translates into more business, and there’s no better way to gauge your site than using Google’s free analysis tools.
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