Our procurement mission is to research, specify and deploy the most reliable hardware/software products, at the best possible prices, and deploy them in the most efficient manner possible.

Imagine only specifies reliable, high performance technology. Our goal is to maximize your purchase dollars with unparalleled performing equipment. Our purchaser constantly scours the marketplace for the best deals, without compromising quality and performance. You can rest assured that we do our homework, combined with 60 years of technology experience, we can avoid trends that end up costing you money.
What’s all this talk of quality if you have to spend more money. Well, you don’t. Again, our purchaser scours the marketplace looking for the best deals. Our goal: to save you money, and provide you with a better technology experience through performance and reliability.
When you purchase your hardware from Imagine, we handle the manufacturers’ warranties, which is not the case with most resellers. One call to Imagine, and we take care of everything, so you can focus on your business. We avoid restoring your computer to factory defaults at all costs! We take great care with your data, and backup all hard drives before commencing work.
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