Our Asset Lifecycle Management solution is geared to solve the many problems facing businesses with regards to acquiring, maintaining, replacing, training, and eventually retiring a fleet of hardware devices and software.


This may seem like a simple task; procure some technology and have it installed. But how will the reliability, performance, training and total cost of ownership (TCO) affect your company’s long term growth? We can help you with your requirements, standardization and develop a custom deployment plan to streamline installation in the most efficient manner possible.


As your hardware is acquired and installed, the next phase of its lifespan is maintenance. We record all services relative to each hardware device, and provide you with cost reports. Problematic devices are replaced or retired to ensure that your IT dollars aren’t wasted on faulty or under-performing equipment. Peripheral swaps and warranty information is tracked and processed when required.


This is one of the most overlooked hidden costs in all of IT management. Often, hardware or software problems are camouflaged due to lack of end-user knowledge and experience. This is often discovered, and education is recommended. A knowledgeable worker is a more productive worker.


This is another huge hidden cost for businesses. You’ve probably witnessed this; Bob gets a new computer, gives his old one to Betty who then gives hers to Sandy. Eventually, the bean counters are working on depreciation reports for tax purposes and ask “what ever happened to Sandy’s notebook?”, and the investigation begins, costing businesses thousands of dollars.

We track your replacements and provide you with a detailed asset report monthly. Within the report are acquisitions, replacements and retirements. The bean counters can rest.


Yes, eventually all good things come to an end. We provide e-waste disposal services free of charge to customers using any of our ALM plans.

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